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With Just days to go in the UK General Election, Nigel Farage and the Reform party have come under some serious heavy attacks.

Nigel Farage has claimed the racist comments made by a Reform UK campaigner in an undercover film by Channel 4 were a "set-up by an actor."

Speaking in a video that the Reform UK leader posted today Nigel Farage explained that "Reform UK are doing very well" and accused the mainstream media of being "terrified" of the party.

Alongside the video, he wrote: "The mainstream media are trying to stitch us up because they are terrified. A new poll just out puts us on 21 percent, 3 points ahead of the Conservatives."

Latest Polls show the Reform Party is set to achieve around 15-20 Percent, which should mean around 18 seats in the UK Parliament, whilst a big achievement, would only give Reform around 18 seats, something they should be proud of but still a long way of from power and not enough to make up the official opposition.

Yet despite this, the establishment and media seem to be running scared of Reform with "Dirty tricks" being put into play. Channel 4 and the BBC over recent days have tried to highlight a racist element to the Reform party only later to discover that there does appear to be some dirty tricks going on.

Channel 4 did a live news Report where a Journalist questioned Reform Leader Nigel Farage on allegations of a candidate who had made racist remarks, a day later it was discovered that the man in question was an actor who had previously worked for Channel 4. Then Nigel Farage was invited onto the BBC Question Time special, where so-called members of the audience were invited to ask questions to Mr Farage. Again, a day later it turns out that the first Interviewer was a BBC employee, and other members of the audience who asked the questions had links to various other groups and organisations.

One would have to ask the question who is attempting to damage Reform UK, are the establishment, media or both working in cahoots to prevent reform taking a mere 18 seats or less, or are Reform doing better than expected?

Come Friday nobody is expecting Reform UK to be the next UK government, it's a given that Labour will be the next establishment party to take the reign of power in the UK, yet someone somewhere is very worried about the threat of Reform, be it a threat to the Conservative Party, the Labour Party or both the attacks are coming thick and fast and no doubt some new " Racism" claim will be made against Reform UK before the last vote is made.

What we do know is the polls can be wrong, we witnessed that with Brexit, so it is also strange to think why the UK public would swing left when Europe is turning to the Right, the way we will soon find out with the Results coming in the early hours of Friday morning.