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A major final poll shows Nigel Farage’s Reform Party is set to perform well at today’s UK general election, picking up as many as 13 seats with 17 per cent of the national vote share.

Due to the country’s notoriously unfair ‘first past the post’ system, Farage’s Reform could finish second in the popular vote but still end up behind other parties in terms of parliamentary representation that get millions fewer votes.

However, a decent performance would mean Farage can start building a genuine opposition to Labour going into the next election in 5 years time.

“For the last survey of the campaign, Survation interviewed a total of 1,679 British adults for its ‘last call’, with fieldwork conducted between Monday, July 1 and Wednesday, July 3,” reports the Telegraph.

“A previous seat-by-seat prediction that Reform would win seven seats was subsequently revised upwards to 13, while it was also on track to win 17 per cent of the popular vote.”