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Lauren's story is like something from the worst horror movie imaginable. Except it really did happen. An unvetted migrant committed the horrific crime. But the state was his accomplice.

They let a convicted sex attacker into Ireland where he preyed upon two young women in the most vile, terrifying and #shocking ways. He is also still under investigation now for awful crimes in other countries as he sits in an Irish prison, waiting to get out so he can offend again.

Ioan Lingurar has showed no remorse and has appealed his sentence.

The state has offered no apology, no help, support or housing to #LaurenSpencer. She has experienced homelessness since the attack and now she faces it again. Along with a young son with autism and a baby boy due in a few short weeks.

Her story is remarkable. A tale of suffering and survival. A tale of courage and determination AND a tale of caution for those who refuse to see that anyone entering this country MUST be documented and background checked.

Lauren highlights in this interview exactly what she has been accused of by TikTok for speaking online about the violent sexual crime she was subjected to. She also speaks about the attack, the trial, the appeal and the struggles and assault she faced in a homeless hostel after her attack, as well as many other aspects of her situation.

Lauren is an advocate for herself, but also others. She isn't bitter, which she had every right to be. She just wants to be safe. She wants her kids to be safe. She wants to move on as best she can. Please BE KIND in the comments. It's very difficult for victims to speak out, we must encourage them to keep doing so.

Please also share her interview far and wide as the purpose of this Irish Inquiry video is to help Lauren find somewhere to rent as well as get some financial assistance. If you have a place for Lauren to rent, please email us and we will forward it on...

If you'd like to donate to her, please visit her GoFundMe campaign here...

Finally remember, in the midst of the #NatashaOBrien story, Lauren and others are being roundly ignored because they are not pushing for hate speech and their attackers are not Irish.

The Government and clapping seals in the Dail don't care about women or girls. The NGO's, media, Ruth Coppinger and The Socialist Party don't either. So we MUST.

Produced and edited by Stephen Kerr and Susanne Delaney.

With thanks to the victim of this crime Lauren Spencer who is also a survivor, mother, advocate and a very brave Irish woman.

( Article From the Irish Inquiry)