From RTE

There is evidence that higher temperatures significantly increase hospitalisation rates, a report from the Economic and Social Research Institute has found.

The data shows that between 2015 and 2019 emergency hospital admissions for temperature-affected diseases were 8.5% higher on hot days in Ireland.

The ESRI combined temperature data from Met Éireann with emergency inpatient hospitalisation data, showing that temperature rises significantly increase hospitalisations in Ireland for temperature-related health conditions.

Hot days were defined as 22C to 25C compared to moderate temperature days of 10C to 13C.

The largest increases in hospitalisations on hot days were seen for circulatory, respiratory and infectious diseases and amongst younger people aged between 0 to 14.

The hottest days, where temperatures exceeded 25C, showed potential evidence of people adapting especially among older people.

It suggests that advance notice of very warm days can help people change their behaviour.

The ESRI said that hospital admissions for health conditions linked with temperature are projected to increase by 12.2% during hotter weather between 2041 and 2060.

It pointed out that evidence in the literature estimates that under the most pessimistic climate scenario, climate change could lead to 1,400 additional deaths a year in Ireland by the end of the 21st century.